Most of them are things you can implement immediately, without almost any time commitment from you

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Lorelai Gilmore loves to say she’s totally self-sufficient. But that’s a big fat lie.

Image © Warner Bros Television 2003

Are we holding kids to high standards — or impossible ones?

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I was the fine arts department chair.

This was a fun job that paid virtually nothing and required me to manage the budgets for the entire department. There were some other responsibilities, but the budgets took up the most time.

Love them, hate them, hate to love them… love triangles make for compelling stories and aren’t actually about “the guys”.

Image © Warner Bros Television, 2002

A nine-year-old changed my view of the most disliked Star Wars character in history

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Gilmore Girls is set in the real world — but not really.

Image © Netflix 2016

A family member told me to “stop playing the victim” when I said the media is too critical of women’s bodies. He said “Why is it always about women and girls? Boys feel pressure too.”

Why is it always about “women and girls” when we talk about body image?

Do you really want to know why? I’ll tell you why.

The writers of Gilmore Girls were obsessed with this trope, so much so that it is one of their most enduring signature storylines.

Image © Warner Brothers Television 2000

Only a few students are self-motivated enough to stay on track all by themselves. Teachers can help the rest.

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Gina Denny

Writer, Ravenclaw, Educator, Speaker.

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