Gilmore Girls is a show that should not have worked. But it’s an enduring classic for all the same reasons it should have failed.

Gilmore Girls is a dramedy, meaning it is a full-scale drama but also a full-scale comedy. The structure is family drama, including both the episode and season arcs, but the dialog and physical acting is comedic. It’s an even split, 50/50, between comedy and drama.

This isn’t particularly common on…

Fictional characters need to f*** up really badly, even if they’re the “good” guys

At the end of season six, Lorelai gives Luke an ultimatum: run away an elope right now, or breakup. Luke doesn’t like ultimatums, but Lorelai doesn’t like Mondays, so she’s issuing the ultimatum and she’s sticking to it.

She knows she can’t really stick to it, though, so she runs…

When asked, “what’s one thing you wish you’d done differently?”, I’ve got an answer most kids don’t expect.

I started playing the saxophone in third grade. I eventually added other instruments to my arsenal, including private lessons on both saxophone and piano by the time I was in high school.

My high school band program was a large, elite program that sent dozens of kids every year into…

Logan Huntzberger took a page out of the Ross Geller playbook, but if Rory really was the feminist icon we all pretend she is, she would have followed Rachel Green’s footsteps.

February 13th, 1997 — The One Where Ross and Rachel Take A Break

Ross Geller has a big date planned for his one-year anniversary with Rachel Green. Rachel, however, is extremely busy at work. Ross shows up at Rachel’s workplace with a romantic picnic. Rachel really cannot take any time for him, though, so she kicks him out.

Later that evening, they are…

Listening to a kid means you need to take yourself out of the narrative

I recently read a non-fiction book that I enjoyed, though the author kept making the same type of statement over and over again. In this book about parenting and teaching, the author would bring up situations that would be difficult for children to deal with.

Over and over again, her…

These are kids on stage, not professional adults, and we have to treat them a little better.

I taught band and orchestra for five years in south Phoenix, at a minority-majority school that qualified for Title I funding. Out of my peak of 160 students, four of them took private lessons. Four, out of one hundred and sixty. Three of those four were siblings.

Out of those…

Wardrobe choices say a lot about your characters without having to say very much at all.

Here’s a quick writing prompt: Your main character is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. What does that look like?

If your character is Rory Gilmore, the “jeans and a t-shirt” is probably pretty straightforward. Relaxed fit jeans that are flattering, casual/non-athletic sneakers, a basic t-shirt, a casual jacket over top…

Writers complain about characters “taking over” the story — but maybe it’s for the best?

Liza Weil, who plays Paris Geller on Gilmore Girls, originally auditioned for the part of Rory Gilmore. Weil is a talented actress, but her energy was all wrong for Rory. The showrunners loved her so much, though, that they told her they would find a part for her.

They ended…

Whether you see yourself as a Rory, a Lorelai, or an Emily probably depends on your age, rather than your personality. That’s on purpose.

Most casual fans of the show think of Lorelai and Rory as “the Gilmore girls,” but close watchers will realize Emily Gilmore is very much part of this complicated mother-daughter-granddaughter relationship. …

Gina Denny

B.S. Business/Human Resources M.S. in Child Development/Education. Erstwhile classroom music teacher. Homeschooler. Former foster parent. Married to a lawyer.

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